Hidden House History is unraveled | 26 Mar 2006 - 10:20

Hidden House History

The History Channel unravels the hidden mysteries behind Britain’s bricks and mortar

The History Channel UK, in association with genealogy website provider, has announced a major new prime-time series entitled Hidden House History, which will investigate the past lives of British houses and reveal the secrets hidden in our bricks and mortar.

Presented by archive historian Dr Nick Barratt (History Mysteries; Who Do You Think You Are?) and architectural historian Dr Jonathan Foyle (History Mysteries; Time Team; Meet The Ancestors and House Detectives) the series will show viewers how to unlock the past life of their homes.

Combining the social and personal history of a house with its architectural background Jonathan and Nick will chart the story of the nation and the day-to-day lives of our ancestors through its houses.

The series, described as Who Do You Think You Are? for houses, kicks off in May with a one-hour special with a further ten programmes to be made during the summer for broadcast in Autumn 2006.

Executive Producer Martin Morgan explains: “Nick and Jonathan are brilliant showing just how easy it is to unearth the fascinating stories that a house holds. Viewers will be amazed at the secret life of their home.”

Hidden House History is produced Angel TV (credits include Time Trail for UKTV and ITV and History Mysteries for BBC – a co-production with Lion TV.)

For further information, please contact:
Joanna Mitchell
The History Channel
T: 0207 941 5199 /

Editors Note

The Advertiser Funded Programming (AFP) deal between the two companies is part of a comprehensive media package offered by The History Channel including sponsorship and advertising for in 2006 - 2007.

The History Channel UK is available on BSkyB and cable throughout the UK and Ireland in over 9.5 million homes.

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