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Viewing james804's Victorian Detached on Church Lane, Stibbington

Stibbington appeared in the Domesday Book.



House listed as grade 2 after my request. I did this as when I bought the property, I became aware that other potential buyers saw redevelopment potential for the site. This alarmed me as the house, which I felt had historical value, was neither listed nor was it in a conservation area, so its future could, in time, be at risk.



James Kudlinski Property acquired by the Kudlinski family from the Highways Agency



Property acquired from private ownership by the Secretary of State for Transport, Local Government and the Regions.


Good Friday Agreement

A broad cross section of political groups in Northern Ireland, and the Irish and British governments sign an agreement which voted that no change should be made to the status of Northern Ireland except by majority consent. The Northern Ireland Executive is created.


New Labour

A Labour landslide results in Tony Blair taking over from John Major as PM.



Rear entrance porch on north elevation which matched current main entrance porch on eastern elevation demollished and replaced by timber, stone and glass conservatory. Dressed stone from porch re-used in details on new double garage built in grounds.



House sold by Cambridgeshire County Councilinto private ownership.


Brighton Bombing

IRA forces bomb the Grand Hotel in Brighton where Margaret Thatcher and her party are having a Conservative Party Conference.



School closes as village primary and re-opens as county historical and environmental education centre

The Falklands War

A long term source of contention for Britain and Argentina, the Argentinians invade the Falkland Islands to decisively annex the area. A task force is sent to re-establish British control, which is resumed, although Argentina still lays claim to the area.



The Conservative Party gain power and Margaret Thatcher becomes Britain’s first female Prime Minister. Her term lasts until 1991, her policies emphasise central government and private enterprise whilst undermining the power of the Trade Unions.


Winter of Discontent

Eight years of unrest and discontent at the declining economy, continuing inflation and rising rates of unemployment result in a number of trade unions striking.



Ownership transfered to Cambridgeshire County Council which absorbs Huntingdonshire County Council under local government re-organisation



Robert H Foster Until 1982 Robert Foster last head teacher in residence. School closed on his retirement.


India and Pakistan are independent

India and Pakistan gain independence from the British Empire. They are closely followed by Asia and Africa in an active period of decolonisation.


End of World War Two

Germany’s surrender brings an end to the War. An estimated 62 million had lost their lives.



Thomas Stafford Until 1955 Thomas Stafford head teacher in residence


League of Nations

The newly formed League of Nations meet for the first time.


The Treaty of Versailles

Following Germany’s surrender, she is forced to sign the Treaty of Versailles with the allies following a six month Peace Conference in Paris. The humiliating terms of the Treaty arguably led to the rise of Hitler’s Nazi Party.



Earl Fitzwilliam sells house and school to Huntingdonshire County Council



Isaac Hazelby (aged 51 ), the son of William and grandson of Thomas, was now the caretaker living in the house with his wife Emma aged 49. Isaac and Emma had 4 children, Emma, Thomas, William and Flora. Thomas was formally village wheelwright living at 1 Riverside Stibbington. All the family were born in Stibbington.
The 2 sons were killed in 1917. Thomas Hazelby, private 25418, 2nd Grenadier Guards died of wounds Somme 29/3/17. Wiilliam Hazelby, private 25419, 2nd Grenadier Guards, killed in action Ypres 31/7/17.


The First World War

After the assassination of the Archduke Franz Ferdinand, heir to the Austro Hungarian Empire. The system of European alliances means war is declared. This war saw the introduction of trench warfare, an estimated 750,000 British died. The allied powers (France, Britain and from 1917, USA).


The Housing and Town Planning Act

The campaign for female suffrage is furthered by the foundation of the Women’s Social and Political Union, led by Emaline Pankhurst. Women over the age of thirty were granted the vote in 1918, and those over 21 in 1928.



Duke of Bedford sells house and school to The Right Honourable William Charles De Mearon, Earl Fitzwilliam.





Thomas Hazelby dies aged 90.



John Hendon / Thomas Hazelby 1901 census records as living in the head masters element of the property - John William Hendon aged 34 school master, born Southwark, London, Kate Hendon aged 33 born Rochester Kent, Leonard John Hendon aged 8 born Stibbington and Cecil Herbert Hendon aged 7 born Stibbington. In the caretakers residence there was Thomas Hazelby aged 89 living on pension, William Hazelby aged 56 post office messenger, Jane Hazelby aged 50 housekeeper and Mary Hazleby aged 12 grand daughter. All the Hazelbys were born in Stibbington.

Accession of Edward VII

Four years after her diamond jubilee, Queen Victoria dies. Her death is an occasion of national mourning.


Second Boer War

After receiving military equipment from German, the Boers re-armed and fought on the borders of the Cape Colony and Natal. The British army immediately sent reinforcements. The severity of the British actions (including the use of concentration camps in which inmates were subjected to cruel work regimes and fatal diseases spread) in South Africa was strongly opposed by liberal politicians as the extreme of imperialism. The war ended in 1902 with the Treaty of Vereeiging, the two independent republics were lost and absorbed into the British Empire.



John Hendon Until 1927 John Hendon head teacher in residence



Map from 1891
School House is shown on the old Great North Road, remote from the old village, east of the school.



Mary L Flack Until 1891 Mary Flack head teacher in residence


Jack the Ripper

Five prostitutes are brutally murdered in the Whitechapel area of London’s east end. The killer, “Jack the Ripper”, have never been definitively identified, and the case resulted in worldwide press coverage and hysteria.



Annie Laughton Until 1889 Annie Laughton head teacher in residence



Annie Popple Until 1882 Annie Popple. (occupier) Short term appointment as head teacher. 10th to 24th Feb 1882.


Elizabeth Stevens Until 1883 Elizabeth Stevens head teacher in residence


First Boer War

This was a conflict between the British and the Dutch settlers (Boers) in South Africa. After the first Boer war, William Gladstone granted the Boers self-government in the Transvaal region in 1881.


Artisans and Labourers Dwellings Improvement Act

Law past for the reconstruction of insanitary areas. Areas which are unfit for habitation must be destroyed and rebuilt.



Eleanor Barber Until 1874 Eleanor Barber head teacher in residence between May and July 1874


H Mitchell Until 1880 H Mitchell head teacher in residence


Return of Owners Act

Known as the New Doomesday, this survey revealed that less than 7,000 men own four fifths of the land in Britain.



Mary Pearson Until 1874 (Occupier). Mary Pearson was the first head teacher at Stibbington school


On removing a piece of original Victorian architrave a name in flowing styalised script was on the back in pencil. From this I assume Peter Russell was a carpenter engaged on the original building project.


The house was built to provide living accomodation for teachers in one half and the caretaker in the other half. The architect for the house was Samuel Sanders Teulon b1812 d1873.


Sanitary Act

This act increases the control of the sewer authorities to dispose of waste and is passed simultaneously with the Artizans and Labourers Dwelling Act, which compelled owners to get rid of unsanitary dwellings. This is the first legislation to tackle the growing problem of slums.


First Underground Train

The underground railway running from Paddington to the city of London opens. It becomes known as the sewer.

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