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Viewing trhatt's Georgian Detached on Lanercost, Brampton

Brampton appeared in the Domesday Book.



Tim Hatt We moved in 5th December 2001


20/12/2001 The house just after we bought it. The roof has been repaired on the main building but no other alterations have started.



Salma Patel Until 2001 Purchased and moved in with Edward Andrews 15th December 2000


New Labour

A Labour landslide results in Tony Blair taking over from John Major as PM.


The Gulf War

After a build up of US troops in surrounding countries causes anxiety, Iraq annexes Kuwait in 1990. A coalition force combining 28 nations, including Britain and the US, embark on an 8 week offensive. The war creates millions of refugees and oil spills cause severe environmental damage.



Brian and Phillip David Sayers Until 2000 Puchased 22nd October 1990



William Laurie Arthur and Patricia Ann Arthur Until 1990 (Occupier)

Brighton Bombing

IRA forces bomb the Grand Hotel in Brighton where Margaret Thatcher and her party are having a Conservative Party Conference.


The Falklands War

A long term source of contention for Britain and Argentina, the Argentinians invade the Falkland Islands to decisively annex the area. A task force is sent to re-establish British control, which is resumed, although Argentina still lays claim to the area.



Kenneth Gordon Bruce & Cathrine Grace Joan Bruce Until 1984 Purchased 14th February 1979


The Conservative Party gain power and Margaret Thatcher becomes Britain’s first female Prime Minister. Her term lasts until 1991, her policies emphasise central government and private enterprise whilst undermining the power of the Trade Unions.


Winter of Discontent

Eight years of unrest and discontent at the declining economy, continuing inflation and rising rates of unemployment result in a number of trade unions striking.



Kathleen Marie Roberts Until 1979 Kathleen Roberts received the property as a Deed of Gift from Wilfred Hubert Wace on 22nd May 1972



Photo of your local area from 1910
Not sure exactly when this was taken but from the clothes it was early 1900's




Accession of Edward VII

Four years after her diamond jubilee, Queen Victoria dies. Her death is an occasion of national mourning.



The Lanercost Temperance Hotel probably around 1900. The cycle is very early. A similar machine appears in other pictures of the area. Whether the rider is the photographer or and assisatant is unknown.


Second Boer War

After receiving military equipment from German, the Boers re-armed and fought on the borders of the Cape Colony and Natal. The British army immediately sent reinforcements. The severity of the British actions (including the use of concentration camps in which inmates were subjected to cruel work regimes and fatal diseases spread) in South Africa was strongly opposed by liberal politicians as the extreme of imperialism. The war ended in 1902 with the Treaty of Vereeiging, the two independent republics were lost and absorbed into the British Empire.



House about 1870. The southern extension is not built yet. The original photograph is inscribed on the reverse as being taken by J.B. Penfold, Photographer and Painter, of Front Street, Brampton. It shows the more southerly arch of the bridge, with the Bridge Inn in the background. The gable end of the smithy and ajoing buildings can be seen tom the right of the inn. (Source:Brampton Then and Now - Iain Parsons 2002)


Sanitary Act

This act increases the control of the sewer authorities to dispose of waste and is passed simultaneously with the Artizans and Labourers Dwelling Act, which compelled owners to get rid of unsanitary dwellings. This is the first legislation to tackle the growing problem of slums.


First Underground Train

The underground railway running from Paddington to the city of London opens. It becomes known as the sewer.


The Penny Black Stamp

The introduction of the adhesive penny black stamp for all letters by Sir Rowland Hill marks the beginning of the modern postal service.


Reign of Queen Victoria

The beginning of the Victorian era.



Your house was built. John Irving moved into and established a Blacksmiths in the old Black Bull Inn when the new building was built

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