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If your home could tell its story, imagine what it might reveal

Hidden House History helps you to unlock the real stories within your home.  We want you to get involved. We'll show you how to unearth documents, find architectural evidence and follow the clues to reveal the secrets of your home.

Tell us your house stories

Hidden House History will show you just how fascinating the story of your house and local area can really be. You could discover tales about people who lived there, uncover lost or forgotten features, find out where your home fits into the history of the local community or what was there before it was built.

Every home has a story to tell; sadly most of them will remain lost if we don't hunt for them. To help you get started we've put together this website with all the information you'll need including:

  • Our quick guide to get you thinking; when was your house built? Who did you buy it from? You can plot this information into your Personal Desk to keep track of all your findings
  • Step by step guides to researching former owners and occupiers and how to follow architectural clues
  • Resources to explore local history including historical archive maps and photographs
  • An interactive timeline to create a personalised history of your home including details of major historical events to help to help put your home in context
  • Online community to share knowledge and create a national picture of house histories

If you have any questions that you can't find the answers to, why not ask for help in our Hidden House Surgery. And don't forget the message boards where you can pass on any useful information and advice to your fellow researchers.

Tune in to our ten part series to get hints, tips and advice from the experts. Click Here for show times and further information.

We hope you find the project as fun, interesting and exciting as we do and we look forward to reading the history of your homes.

Good luck!

Expert's Archive

Expert's Archive

If you've got as far as you can go and need some advice, then we can help. Check out our Expert's Archive and FAQs...

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